German-Sino cooperation project on animal breeding in China: German-Sino cooperation on pig husbandry


ADT Project Consulting GmbH
Adenauerallee 174
D 53113 Bonn, Germany

Project coordinator:

Dr. Ferdinand Schmitt
ADT Project Consulting GmbH
Phone +49 228 91447 30
E-Mail ferdinand.schmitt(at)  

Project manager:

Gerret Fredewess
ADT Project Consulting GmbH
Phone +49 228 91447 37
E-Mail Gerret.Fredewess(at)


Project office Beijing
Room 512, Zhong Ou Hotel, 55 Nongzhan Beilu, Chaoyang District
(Maizidian Street, next to Sunflower Tower) 100125 Beijing, China
Phone +86 (0)10 6500 5226

Local expert pig

Qilong Sun
E-Mail adtbeijingsun(at)

Project assistance Beijing

Yuan He
E-Mail adtbeijinghe(at)
Pig husbandry Expert on the demo farm:

Henrik Delfs
Phone: +86 (185) 6722 7917

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