German-Sino cooperation project on animal breeding in China: German-Sino cooperation on pig husbandry

First digital training on farrowing in China was a success

The "German-Sino Cooperation on Pig Breeding and Husbandry in China" continues its work even under the difficult conditions of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.

In March, the first practical digital training for employees of the demo farm Yifa in Henan province was successfully conducted under the online supervision of the long-term expert Henrik Delfs from his home office in Germany.

COVID-19 and the resulting restrictions - above all travel and contact restrictions - enable the development of alternative communication channels in international project work so that the project objectives can be pursued further. Digitalization plays an important role here.

The long-term expert Henrik Delfs - responsible for the work in the pig farms - planned in cooperation with the Chinese demonstration farm Yifa a three-day online training course on the birth process in pigs (farrowing). A total of 17 employees of the stable and management staff took part in the training.

The online training took place in the conference room and in the farm barn. On the first day of the training Henrik Delfs was connected online from Germany. The first step of the online seminar was to teach the theoretical basics of farrowing. Afterwards the long-term expert was able to answer questions of the training participants and their learning progress could be directly followed. The practical part was carried out on the two following days under the online supervision of Mr. Delfs. An experienced worker of Yifa who had completed a comparable training course in the previous year guided the participants through the training. In the final part, the participants presented what they had learned and successfully completed the online seminar with a test. The certificates were handed over in a festive closing ceremony.

The online training was a great success for all participants and confirmed the new working methodology under the current conditions. In the coming weeks, the project plans to conduct further digital training courses in similar formats.

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