Project Activities

Complementation and Multiplication of five subprojects on demonstration farms:
  1. Construction of a new boar-stable, improved sperm quality and optimized laboratory facilities;
  2. Introduction of an environmental station with integrated environmental concept for slurry separation, composting and storage as well as marketing of solid and liquid phases;
  3. Optimized herd management including extensive advice and restructuring of work processes, technical maintenance in the stable; revision of hygiene concept; revision of feed rations; revision of breeding documentations and the creation of a new water saving concept;
  4. Construction of a new nursery-stable with optimized production management;
  5. Construction of a new breeding farm based on the latest technical equipment.
Over time, further sub projects may be identified.
Training of Chinese professionals and executives:
  • Vocational training for professionals from the demonstration farms and neighboring pig husbandry enterprises on various topics of pig production in China and Germany;
  • Seminars for the middle and higher management of the demonstration farms on human resource management
Multiplication and dissemination of “Best Practices”:
  • Selection of new demonstration farms
  • Intensive coaching of selected professionals of the demonstration farms, to enable them to provide profound technical training to their colleagues and to staff members of neighboring enterprises;
  • Yifa is intended to become a competence center and multiplier of specific expertise, experiences and results from the implementation of all five sub projects in the framework of the project