Sub projects

The cooperation is focused on five sub projects:
  1. Improvement of the artificial insemination station
  2. Improvement of the environmental (biogas) station
  3. Improvement of the central farm
  4. Reconstruction of the growing out farm
  5. Construction of a breeding farm
Over time, further sub projects may be identified.

Furthermore, the cooperation involves
Qualification of Chinese professionals and executives

Training and advisory service will be offered to Chinese professionals and executives in China and in Germany.

The demonstration farm will be supported by a German pig husbandry expert who will stay on the farm to provide practical advice to the farm staff and to coordinate the activities on five specific sub projects.

Study tours to Germany are planned each year.

Information and exchange of experience on technical topics

Annual excursions to Germany will provide the opportunity for Chinese professionals and executives to visit important German institutions and innovative companies and to exchange latest information and experience on technical topics with German professionals and experts.